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ALPHA foil

Special process ink series for printing on polyolefin films


The ALPHA foil series is designed for offset printing on synthetics or poor absorbent substrates, like cast coated or metallised paper and board.

Due to their fast drying characteristics, these non-stay-open inks are supporting fast post print finishing at high mechanical resistance.

Your Benefits

This ink also speeds up the production process, when a rush job on poor-absorbent substrate is coming in. On films it is the choice for conventional offset printing inks.

Special Properties

  • Especially intense oxidative drying
  • Free from mineral oils
  • Outstanding mechanical resistance
  • Good gloss
  • Good stacking characteristics

Special Information

Drying on non-absorbent substrates usually takes very long even if special inks are used. Please note, that drying on films will still take 24-72 hours, dependent on the amount of oxygen available for the ink. Small stacks and decollating the sheets by hand every hour can reduce the drying time to a minimum.

Fastness Properties

Light Alcohol Solvent Alkali
Yellow 5 + + +
Magenta 5 + + -
Cyan 8 + + +
Black 8 + + +
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NewV poly

This UV offset ink is designed for use on non-absorbent substrates, providing optimum adhesion.

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Many auxiliaries are available for offset inks, coatings, for maintenance of the press and and its peripheral equipment.

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The ACRYLAC-MGA MATT group for double-sided coating, provides matt finish with excellent protection properties.