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NewV news


UV offset ink for use on newsprint presses for printing semi-commercial and newspaper.

NewV news offers fast cure speed combined with good rub resistance and excellent ink/water balance.

Special Properties

  • High gloss
  • High colour intensity
  • No set-off
  • VOC free
  • No dry-back
  • Fast, immediate curing
  • High fount solution tolerance
  • Quick adjustment of the ink/water balance

Printing Processes

  • UV newsprint web offset, suitable for overshot and undershot ink knife systems

Suited Substrates

  • Coated and uncoated papers
  • newsprint paper
  • LWC-Papers
  • SC-Papers
  • MFC-Papers
  • VAC-Papers

Technical Informations

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The new web-offset coldset process inks for high-speed newspaper presses offer stable printing characteristics on all types of presses.

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If you are looking for optimum print stability and outstanding print quality with a minimum waste rate at the same time, our GOOD NEWS FIX dampening solution additives for newspaper printing are a must. Whether brush, turbo or spray dampening units, small or large runs, 13 m/s or only 7 m/s: we have the right product for you!