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Water-based metallics and special effect inks


HYDRO-XTRA metallic and special effect inks are formulated for absorbing paper and board substrates.

For these highly attractive inks, special extenders are supplied in order to achieve the premium print results matching the intention of the effect.

Your Benefits

The HYDRO-XTRA components are adding visible classiness to the accuracy, flexibility and economical aspects to further impress your customer.

Ink Profile

  • Very low tendency for foaming
  • Low odour properties
  • Easy re-solubility and cleaning of plate
  • Low back-trapping
  • High half-tone quality

Printing Processes

The HYDRO-XTRA ink series offer excellent drying properties on coated and uncoated absorbent substrates and are based upon innovative product development to meet the demands of quality flexographic printing.

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The HYDRO-LAC product programme offers a wide range of coatings for various applications in flexographic or gravure printing.

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HYDRO-TOP inks, for printing high quality packaging on paper or board at low odour, are providing great resistance properties and easy handling.

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HYDRO-WELL PRE water-based inks are formulated for high speed print production on kraft and white paper, suitable for a wide range of printing plates.