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Water-based coatings for flexo and gravure packaging printing


The HYDRO-LAC product programme offers a wide range of coatings for various applications in flexographic or gravure printing.

Depending on the requirements, a choice of protective properties like heat and rub resistance, or physical characteristics like anti-curling and anti-slip properties are available.

Your Benefits

A perfect performance of ink with coating is not only a question of properties of the single component, but a match in desired characteristics. Trust the specialist to provide the perfect set.

Product Profile

  • Very low tendency for foaming
  • Low odour properties
  • High resistance according to application requirements

Additional Information

For meeting the properties required by the end use application of the packaging, the coating needs to be selected appropriately, considering the specific substrate and corrugator conditions. Please contact our sales team for more information.

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HYDRO-TOP inks, for printing high quality packaging on paper or board at low odour, are providing great resistance properties and easy handling.

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HYDRO-WELL PRE water-based inks are formulated for high speed print production on kraft and white paper, suitable for a wide range of printing plates.

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HYDRO-BAG inks, suitable for a wide range of printing plates, perform on all current absorbing paper substrates for carrier bags, food bags, sachets and wrappers.