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Gecko White Products for special applications

Expanding the application range of the Gecko ink series


Within the Gecko range we offer a broad range of special white products to fulfil your specific needs.

White is often a key element to achieve required properties for the final packaging. In addition to white based on the standard Gecko ink series we offer special white products for specific requirements. Whether you need an outstanding resistance of the ink film to different media, exceptionally high bond strength or outstanding overprintability we have the solution for your application.

Your Benefits

Enhance performance and extend the range of application of your Gecko coloured ink series by combination with a specific white product.

Special PropertiesWhites for surface printing

HIGH BRILLIANCE WHITE – for highest gloss requirements
BREAD STERILISATION WHITE – gives you the safety while sterilising
ENHANCED ADHESION WHITE – adhesion even on the most critical films
WHITE FOR PVC FILMS – adhesion and flexibility on PVC films

Lamination & 2Comp Whites

XTREME WHITE – bringing Bond strength to an extreme...
2K-WHITE UNIVERSAL – increasing mechanical resistance and other fastnesses
2K-WHITE HELIO-N – improving overprintability and fastnesses
2K-WHITE HELIO-P – excellent overprintability and high temp. resistance

Fastness Properties

Most fastnesses are defined by choice of Gecko Base concentrates due to pigment specific properties. Other physical properties are governed by type of ink series.

Available as ready made inks or from Gecko Base monopigmented concentrate and Gecko White system additive within an ink dispenser formulation.
More detailed information you will find in the technical information for each specific product.