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Fountain solution concentrate for printing on non-absorbent substrates


HYDROFIX-B is intended for use in sheet-fed offset presses when printing on non-absorbent substrates.

When used in continuous feed dampening units, adding 8-10 % isopropanol to the fountain solution is required.

Your Benefits

This product tailored to the requirements is providing best results in quality and performance. Profit by our knowledge about ink/water/substrate interaction for your special application.

Special Properties

  • Addition: 2%
  • Contains no substances disturbing adherence of ink to the substrate
  • Stabilises the pH-value between 5.0 and 5.3
  • In line with anti-corrosion guideline
  • Provides adequate protection for the printing plates

Product Profile

IPA-free printing:

IPA-reduced printing:

Poor absorbent substrates:

Non-absorbent substrates:

General Information

Our fountain solution concentrates are all available in several versions, referring to the water employed for making the mixture. A thorough water analysis is performed in advance to recommendation. Please contact our sales or service personnel for more information.

Technical Informations

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ALPHA foil

The ALPHA foil series is designed for offset printing on synthetics or poor absorbent substrates, like cast coated or metallised paper and board.

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SALINOFIX is an additive for targeted adjustment of the total hardness, to make purified water ideally suited to the offset printing process.

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LIME-X removes calcium deposits from rollers and should be used on a regular maintenance schedule to keep rollers in perfect shape.