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The plowhorse for molleton and duct dampening systems


COMBIFIX is the classic product for all dampening systems with cloth sleeves, be it on small or larger presses. It protects the sleeves from staining, extending their lifetime and performance.

This fountain solution concentrate can be used for absorbent and poor absorbent substrates. Under the conditions described above, it can be used with or without alcohol.

Your Benefits

COMBIFIX was one of the first ready to use products in offset printing history and is, despite of its age, still a modern and reliable fountain solution concentrate.

Special Properties

  • Addition: 4%
  • Stabilises the pH-value between 5.0 and 5.3
  • Prevents excessive feedback of ink to the dampeners
  • Meets the requirements concerning corrosion protection
  • Very fast printing plate runoff and good plate protection

Product Profile

IPA-free printing:

IPA-reduced printing:

Poor absorbent substrates:

Non-absorbent substrates:

General Information

Our fountain solution concentrates are all available in several versions, referring to the water employed for making the mixture. A thorough water analysis is performed in advance to recommendation. Please contact our sales or service personnel for more information.

Technical Informations

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