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Extra shiny metallic inks, co-engineered with ECKART


ALCHEMY MIRACLE is the premium collection of heavy-metal-free gold inks and low-aluminium silver inks, with extraordinary gloss and outstanding transfer characteristics.

Due to their high-tech platelet-like pigment, they create an exceptional visual result with increased rub resistance.

Your Benefits

Use the best metallic offset inks, with advanced vehicle technology by hubergroup and premium pigments from ECKART. This product is only available at cost corresponding to quality.

Special Properties

  • Exceptional metallic brilliance
  • Excellent printing characteristics
  • Outstanding ink transfer
  • High mechanical resistance
  • Good dot definition characteristics

Special Information

Controlling the volume of applied ink usually is a critical and hard to determine factor in printing metallics. We have collected some valuable information on processing metallic offset inks in our technical information sheets, available for download on the website.

Metallics and Finishing

Metallic inks change in appearance if they are finished with coating or varnish. Suitable testing should be conducted, in correspondence with the customer, prior to a print run.

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SUBSTIFIX-AF is a dampening additive designed for printing without alcohol on presses with continuous-feed dampening units. It can also be employed when printing on low alcohol dosage.

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!NKREDIBLE technology printing inks for maximum gloss and most brilliant colour reproduction. These stay-open printing inks are formulated on the basis of renewable raw materials.

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LIME-X removes calcium deposits from rollers and should be used on a regular maintenance schedule to keep rollers in perfect shape.